screenshots of the most OP cell formations

Here are some of the unstoppable cell formations that occured in the past few days , they are scary , they are dangerous and they want to devour you.

Imagine seeing this on way to cell domination , Cec formed his Roman Phalanx formation , an impenetrable box of death , making you hate life.


₩K✻Stoяm here is all about expanding , a legion of cells , not too big not too small but together they become a fleet of destruction


Chaos is a ladder and [TR] EMİRHANİMO here , is using his deformed , unplanned cell formation to climb up that ladder to the scoreboards.


MЯ.PΛBᄂӨ formed a fortress , protecting his sick and weak cells from the danges of Agario.


CHICKEN TIKKA is the proof of size matters , no need to use tactics when you are big enough to make people wont even dare to cross you.


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