New Servers And New Skill

Hello everybody,

I am so exited to introduce our new servers and new skill. We are working on our servers hard, sometimes even more then our daily jobs. It goes slow, we know that. But trust me, we are working hard to give this service in the best way.

Anyway, we have two new servers at the point. One of them is Big Food server which is going popular in world and other is Experimental server. You can enter these servers from select in server list. If you have any idea or problem, please don’t hesitate to share us. We will be here to solve all problems. They are located in USA as like other servers. For Europe players there might be some lag issues. But we are on it.

Also we have new player skill on In private server world nobody even try to create skill for the game. But we did it. It is Sprint! You can make your speed faster for 4 seconds. You can run away from your enemy, you can eat foods quicly, you can even eat your enemy faster! Also it is free! (We are not like Miniclip 🙂 ) Just enter any server and try it. You’re gonna love it.

As i said before please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are trying to our best.

Have a good time!

9 thoughts on “New Servers And New Skill

  1. sprint is not that great. cause when you running away you have to click on sprint you have to go back and you end up dead

  2. Not all pieces will “W” correctly. It is impossible to hit people with viruses. Also, injecting yourself is painfully slow and the decay suffered seems to excessive. I love the boost, and the big mass! The room for big mass needs to be bigger too! The smallness encourages mass hysteria, and I’d like to get all my pieces to the 25k!

      1. Occasionally, the largest cell still cannot W correctly. It seems the boost is being limited and is unavailable after approx 1800 mass. That is a fine regulation, however, some cells will be stuck in boost mode. This allows extremely large cells to move at boost speed for an uncertain amount of time. Lag is a problem in the big food lately, possible the bots are part of the issue?

  3. we don’t like the max mass on a blob, i think that we should have autosplits like the original, if you guys can think of anything else to get rid of the maximum maass problem, it would be great. When you have the maximum mass you can’t gain anymore mass. Thanks

  4. hey. Best fish here. Thank you for letting us play on a great server. But, I have a problem. I don’t know if anyone has the same issue, but my iPad air2 isn’t letting me type anything for agarca! maybe there was a glitch in the code. Can you please fix it or allow iPad air2s to type on agarca?

  5. Just recently we noticed that players are unable to access the chat using spec mode or when you are an unnamed cell. I believe that change was not necessary for the update, so I’m wondering if you are able to fix that? Also, I am not able to enter the chat when I’m on mobile. If you have the time, please look into that issue.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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