screenshots of the most OP cell formations

Here are some of the unstoppable cell formations that occured in the past few days , they are scary , they are dangerous and they want to devour you.

Imagine seeing this on way to cell domination , Cec formed his Roman Phalanx formation , an impenetrable box of death , making you hate life.


₩K✻Stoяm here is all about expanding , a legion of cells , not too big not too small but together they become a fleet of destruction


Chaos is a ladder and [TR] EMİRHANİMO here , is using his deformed , unplanned cell formation to climb up that ladder to the scoreboards.


MЯ.PΛBᄂӨ formed a fortress , protecting his sick and weak cells from the danges of Agario.


CHICKEN TIKKA is the proof of size matters , no need to use tactics when you are big enough to make people wont even dare to cross you.


Advanced psychological tactics for

Agario - Agarca

Not every tactic is requires talent. There is some ways to exploit your opponents’ psychology to gain trust and get benefits with it. You gain trust or get them ready for your about-to-happen brutal dominance (even if it’s not going to happen). I wouldn’t share these golden tactics if I didn’t retired from this game. I lived every possible moment and I am proud of it. I let you shall live them too!

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