Agarca mobile support update mobile

With most recent update of, we proudly introduce flawless working mobile support of gameplay. It works with ALL mobile devices such as tablets, mobile phones, small computers and even with smallest screen phones.

We coded the support of mobile gameplay in the past as many times as needed. But with every update of the code, the code halted to serve on mobile due to code difficulties. Even you don’t see it happening, each day there is new feature being added to the and with this growing code your playing experience evolves too. With adding the new feature, it affects the way main elements’ working.

We had to put this to an end so we renewed our most important aspects and from now on, with this hard work of coding, there won’t be any problems with mobile support.

We are glad to have you with us and feel free to express your feelings about our server either from our forums, our facebook page or comments section of the forum posts.

Regards, Team